Four Winds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Four Winds Energy Co-operative was set up to transform two disused colliery sites in Yorkshire, England into a viable renewable energy venture, bringing tangible benefits to the local community. EWT’s wind turbine proved to be a suitable model for the former coal mines.

Together, the two wind turbines generate just over 2,500 megawatthour per year. Making best use of the existing connection from the mining sites, all electricity generated by the wind turbines is sold back to the local grid network.

Development funds of £3,4 million were raised through a public share offer, prioritizing people living in closest proximity to the site. Additional funds were sourced via a loan. Over the project’s life, electricity sales and feed in tariffs provide payments of up to £777,000 into a community fund, used for local projects and initiatives. The rest of the electricity sales is distributed among the 842 members of the energy co-operative.

Project specifications

Location:                  South Yorkshire, England

Wind Turbines :      2

Type:                         DW54-500kW

Hub Height:             40