Kotzebue, Alaska, United States

In rural Alaska, 94% of all electricity comes from diesel generators. No exception is the isolated village of Kotzebue, home to 3,200 residents in the remote North West of the state.

With the aims to decrease their reliance on fossil fuelled power generation, cut back on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint, the Kotzebue Electric Association contracted EWT to commission two DW54-900kW wind turbines.

EWT specializes in distributed wind applications. The turbines are fully integrated into KEA’s generation and distribution system, improving grid stability and power quality which are common issues in diesel micro-grids. The 75 metre towers feature high strength steel and special alloys for arctic climates. EWT’s cold weather package, black blades, ice detection and heating systems are specifically designed to optimize performance, reliability and operating efficiency in temperatures as low as -40°C. The wind turbines provide 20% of the village’s energy demand, and save over 280,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.

Project specifications

Location:                         Kotzebue

Industry:                          Utility

Wind Turbines :              2

Type:                                  DW54 900kW

Hub Height:                      75

Commissioning date:     April 2012