Sheers Barton, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Sheers Barton Wind Turbine is a 67-metre tall EWT DW54-500kW machine, owned by Sheers Barton Renewables Ltd. This is a joint venture between community energy co-operative Community Power Cornwall and the landowners, the Perry family from Sheers Barton in Cornwall.

Community Power Cornwall is the first community energy co-operative established in Cornwall. It is an Industrial & Provident Society owned by its members and developed to act as an at-risk developer working closely with local communities to develop low-carbon initiatives.

Through a share offer, 25% of shares in the Sheers Barton Wind Turbine are owned by members of the local community, ensuring financial benefits are felt in the wider area. The Perry family own the remaining 75%. On average, the Community Shares in the wind turbine deliver a return on investment of between 5 and 7%. All electricity generated by the wind turbine is fed into the local distribution network.

Project specifications

Location:                            Plymouth, UK

Wind Turbines :               1

Type:                                  DW54-500

Hub Height:                     40

Commissioning date:     2015